Turkish "Birkdar" drone was shot down in Libya

The commander of Libya's air force operations room, Major General Mohamed Manfour, said that a Turkish plane was targeted in Tripoli, which was preparing to carry out raids on the positions of the Libyan army, on Sunday.

The forces of Libyan Khalifa Haftar said Sunday they had destroyed a Turkish drone in a strike on an airport in Tripoli.

Turkey has claimed that the Libyan army arrested 6 Turks, threatened "strong response", a day after the Libyan army revealed evidence confirms Turkey's involvement in supporting terrorists in Libya.

Al-Mesmari stressed that the Libyan army is engaged in a "real battle" with Turkey on the ground, adding that "it sent an unmanned aircraft on Saturday night to Misrata and continues to support terrorist groups on a continuous basis."

"The Turkish intervention is threatening the regional area as a whole and we are now in a battle against terrorism officially announced since 2014, and now the Turkish and Qatari role may be revealed to us and we have reached the direct war between the Libyan armed forces and the Turkish army, which is fighting with its generals on the ground." He added.



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