Turkish authorities reject request to meet with Ocalan and Imrali detainees again

The Turkish authorities turned down again a request to meet the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan and three other detainees in Imrali prison to visit them.

Mohammed Ocalan brother of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, and his agent Mazloum Dînç, visited the Turkish Public Prosecution in Bursa for meeting with Ocalan, and the families of the three detainees in Imrali, Polat Yildirim, Konar Alî Konar and Sabiha Aslan.

But the prosecutor's office once again rejected Ocalan family's requests who is tightly guarded as well as the three detainees in Imrali to meet them under vague pretexts such as "they are under punishment or boat to prison has broken down."


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