Turkish authorities arrested journalist Hakki Boltan

​​​​​​​Turkish police raided this morning, the journalist Hakki Boltan's house in one of the districts of Amed in Bakur, "north Kurdistan", and arrested him, in addition to the house of the official of the Democratic Peoples' Party Abdul Rahim Aljajik, and he has been captured.

This morning, Turkish police raided the home of the Kurdish journalist, Hakki Boltan, in Aman's Rizan district in Bakur, "north Kurdistan". After searching the house, they stopped him and took him to the police station.

So far, the pretext for which the Kurdish journalist Hakki Boltan was arrested has not been known.

In Yenişehir district, also affiliated with Amed, the Turkish police raided the house of the official of the Peoples' Democratic Party, Abd al-Rahim Çıçek,



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