Turkish authorities arrest 82 people, including co-chair of Qers municipality

Turkish authorities have arrested 82 people, including the co-chair of the municipality of Qes Ayhan Bilgin, for their participation in the 2014 demonstrations.

The public prosecutor in the Turkish capital, Ankara, issued an arrest warrant for 82 people from 7 provinces, for their participation in the demonstrations that took place between 5 and 9 October 2014.

Accordingly, the Turkish police raided, at dawn today, the house of the co-chair of the municipality of Qers Ayhan Belkin, searched it, and then proceeded and arrested him.

The following are the names of a number of those who were arrested: “Representative of the HDP in the High Commission for Media Follow-up in Ali Orkut, Member of the External Relations Committee of the HDP Nazemi Gül, Member of the Administrative Board of the HDP, Jan Memish, Former Member of the Ankara Parliament for the Peoples' Party Democracy and a member of Imrali Committee Serisurya Onder, Parvin Koser, Alp Elton Or, Ali Or Kot, Gulver Ak Kaya, Prijan Eurolmaz, Gunay Kubilai.

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