​​​​​​​Turkish authorities arrest 8 activists of TJA

The Turkish authorities arrested 8 other activists in the Free Women's Movement, the activists were arrested as part of the political genocide.

The Public Prosecutor's Office in Ankara launched an investigation into the Free Women's Movement (TJA), and in the context of these investigations, it was decided on November 29 to arrest 50 women. Accordingly, the Turkish authorities in 14 cities in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan, including Amed, Mosh, Akri, Diluk, Siirt, Istanbul and Izmir, raided homes and arrested 20 women.

Four days after their arrest, the Turkish police in Ankara finished interrogating the detainees and took their testimonies, and today they were transferred to the Ankara court.

The Public Prosecution took the testimonies of Vigan Aras, Vigan Akti, Makiya Ormanji, Badi'a Akkaya, Deidar Chasme, Khadija Junger, Hulya Kanago, and Golestan Dehisht under the allegation of the "organization administration" and "working in the name of the organization," and referred them to the court.

While Yilis Aye Yildiz, Hulya Tashar, Zakia Güler, Zainab Bogha, Sultan Esen, Maral Simsek, (D.A.), Hazal Aras, Marwa Tekin Demiral, Aysal Dylan, Britan Jayash, Tamcehan Celebi, Khadija Aye, presented their statements from Amed via audio and photo technology (SEGBÎS) They were released from house arrest.



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