Turkish aggression on Afrin caused permanent disabilities to 102 child 

Turkish occupation attacks on Afrin canton caused massacres against hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children, not to mention 102 children with permanent disabilities as a result of injuries sustained during the Turkish barbaric attack.

 Hundreds of civilians, men, women and children have been deprived of their normal lives by permanent injuries, who were exposed to due to the attacks, the shelling of the warplanes and heavy weapons to the Turkish occupation on Afrin canton early last 2018.

Now 102 children of Afrin are suffering from war disabilities, which they suffered as a result of Turkish occupation's attacks last year.

Child injuries vary, some of them severely injured in the head affected the brain and nerves and led to mental or physical disability, and others lost their sight, including amputated limbs, and others carrying hundreds of shrapnel of weapons inside them.

According to statistics prepared by the Kurdish Red Crescent, the disabilities that accompany the children are as follows: 21 head injuries, 19 disabilities in the foot, and other differences between handicaps in hand movement and blindness, not to mention the psychological problems.

In the absence of support or assistance to treat the injured, the Kurdish Red Crescent provides treatments such as first aid and the provision of certain medicines or physical therapy.

A few number had received the treatment

A small number of children received support, after highlighting their suffering through media and social networking sites.

The child Alia Mustafa 12, lost one of her eyes after being hit by shrapnel from a Turkish bomb. Abdul Kadir Juma lost both eyes as a result of being hit by shrapnel from a Turkish rocket whom two of the dozens of children Turkey caused permanent disabilities in their bodies during the brutal Turkish attack on Afrin.

losing hope in treatment

An official at the Kurdish Red Crescent Society confirmed that there were cases that had lost hope of being treated or alleviated, such as injuries to the skull or spinal cord because they became permanent disabilities.



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