Turkey's trial of Çîçek Kobani is a breach of international law

The co-chair of the Lawyers Union in Al-Jazeera region stated that Turkey's trial of the prisoner Çîçek Kobani Kobani is a violation of international laws, he noted "the Turkish court has no jurisdiction to try her."

On October 21, 2019, (Çîçek Kobani) Dozgin Tammo was captured after she was wounded by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army in the village of Mushayrafa of Ain Issa district in northern and eastern Syria, during the attacks of the Turkish state, and the mercenaries handed her over to Turkey.

The first session of the trial of Çîçek Kobani was held at the Fifth Criminal Court in the city of Ruha in northern Kurdistan this June. During her testimony, she said that she joined the Women's Protection Forces of her own free will and that she did not use weapons, but rather participated in humanitarian aid activities.

As for the second session, it was held on 28 July, and in the third session, the Prosecutor General of the AKP and MHP authorities demanded from the Supreme Criminal Court to sentence her to life imprisonment, and the court accepted the plaintiff’s request, while Kobane's lawyers appealed the request and demanded a resumption of the trial.

“International laws and customs determine how to deal with prisoners of war”

The co-chair of the Lawyers Union in Al-Jazeera region, Khadija Al-Ibrahim, said on the subject, saying, "We must first talk about the dealings of the armed men of the Turkish occupation. What we have seen of the treatment of mercenaries against Çîçek Kobani through the video clips proves the violation of prisoners' rights."

She said: "Turkey's trial of Çîçek Kobani is a violation of all international and national laws, as she is a citizen of Syrian nationality and no other country has the right to prosecute her, as she was captured on Syrian soil at a time when she was defending herself and her country against the occupier, so the Turkish court is not competent to try her according to international laws."

Khadija pointed out that there are international laws and customs that determine how to deal with prisoners of war and how to try them in the competent courts, and explained, "All these matters and their violation is a breach and proves Turkey's responsibility for all acts and crimes of mercenaries."

The co-chair of the Lawyers Union in Al-Jazeera region, Khadija Al-Ibrahim, said that they will defend women and their rights, whether in Syria or abroad, until these rights are confirmed in the Syrian constitution in the future, and they will continue their struggle until women's freedom is achieved.



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