Turkey's regime is imminent to be collapsed, opposing everyone

There is no doubt that Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime has entered into a series of crises that will prepare him for the fall with the first elections.

There are many signs, most recently in the Turkish municipal elections, where the Turkish opposition won and the ruling party collapse in its main strongholds after maneuvering with the courts to snatch the victory but failed, the most prominent battle in Istanbul, which wins the municipality wins Turkey.

The manifestations of the collapse hit the Turkish economy in its various aspects, it did not stop its collapse billions of Qatar, which also suffered a significant loss of most of its investments inside Turkey, this prompted him to spark a new crisis with Syrian refugees, through a campaign of persecution that forced a number of them to forcibly return some areas of the conflict in Syria, and pushed several others to the risk of death and migration to Europe.

When the tyrant feels danger to his position in power, he turns to making internal crises and with neighboring countries to escape from facing the truth. It covers the exposure of the illusion and the lies made by the media of the Muslim Brotherhood and Erdogan. The Turkish citizen works about 14 hours to offer for living, poverty and unemployment have driven thousands of Turks to seek better opportunities for life in most European countries, two political stops that have put the Turkish economy before the truth:

The first after the downing of the Russian fighter, and the second after the arrest of the American pastor, at both stations everyone understood that the Turkish economy is a lie did not stand in the face of a single action for both Washington and Moscow, the Turkish lira collapsed, and Erdogan rushed to ask for forgiveness from Putin and later Trump on their terms.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Abdullah Gul, both joints of the Turkish regime and founders of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), declared their split from the party due to Erdogan's tyranny and the establishment of a new party. There is no doubt that this system is on the verge of collapse.

With a simple account of what Erdogan has done in three years, his crisis is deeper than it is in the media, during these years, he closed 15 universities in Turkey, the last of which was allegedly affiliated with his former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Its predecessors belong to Gulen and other opposition forces, as well as dozens of charitable organizations, in the worst measure, his regime has isolated and arrested nearly 30 mayors in Turkey who won the last elections, their only crime is that they belong to parties opposed to his regime!

Under Erdogan, Turkey has registered itself as the world's most aggressive, persecuted, and detained journalist. It has been classified as the second country in the world to detain and overcrowded its opposition prisons. It happened with Syrian politician Hevrin Khalaf, not to mention the dismissal of thousands of civil servants, the judiciary and the military establishment, all as a result of the nightmare of the fall that terrifies him and pushes him to fabricate many crises with the countries of the world and personalities that he sees as a threat to his political future. As he did with the prominent Palestinian commander Mohammed Dahlan.

Erdogan and his tyrannical regime not only supported terrorist organizations at all levels of extremism, and embraced leaders of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, but carried out its new aggression on Syria after his terrorist gangs failed to destroy the Syrian state, and continues to support these gangs in the Libyan capital Tripoli , Assaulting Iraqi sovereignty by repeated shelling of Iraqi sovereignty areas, attacking Arab Egypt, and extending his adventures to Greek Cyprus to control oil and gas fields in its territorial waters, and directly assisted in the flight of hundreds of Daesh detained in northern Syria, practiced his horrible crimes everywhere, and threatens international peace in terrorism or other files, all in order to stay in power! "

Erdogan can attack countries and people and facilitate the movement of terrorists, and embrace commanders fleeing justice and the granting of nationalities to enable the movement, but how long will the international community bear this aggressive escalating behavior of the regime in Turkey? Which country in the world can grant Erdogan his nationality after the recent collapse?