Turkey's mercenaries kill a livestock trader from Girê Spi after looting his money, weapon

The series of crimes that Turkey-backed mercenaries commit against civilians continue, as they have killed a citizen, who works in the livestock trade, on SereKanye-Gire Spi Highway and stole his money.

Sources from the region confirmed to our agency that the Turkish occupation mercenaries, two days ago, had shot the citizen Ahmed Muhammed Al-Shuaib, a resident of Al-Kantari village in the countryside of Girê Spi, on the road between the occupied Serekaniye and Girê Spi, al-Shuaib worked in the livestock trade.

The sources noted that the mercenaries, after looting from the victim a sum of about 4 million Syrian pounds and seizing a personal weapon that was in his possession, proceeded to shoot him, and the locals transferred him to the hospitals, but he lost his life due to his wounds.

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