Turkey's mercenaries impose royalties on those who did not support occupation  

The Turkish occupation's mercenaries imposed on all those who did not participate in the march in support of the Turkish occupation, or would be excluded from their homes.

 The factions of the Turkish occupation army in Shia district belonging to Janders district in Afrin canton, on Saturday, took to the streets marched in support of the Turkish occupation of Syrian territories.

According to local sources told ANHA correspondent, the Turkish occupation mercenaries forced the people to participate in the march.

The residents of the district, who refused to participate in the march in support of the Turkish presence on Syrian territory, were subjected to pay royalties of $ 500.

According to the source, Al-Amsat mercenaries imposed royalties on Osman Hajji, Ismail Ibish Ali and Hassan Kilo from the village of Alkana, and Ahmed Hassan Musako and Jamil Majid Khalil from the village of Khalil.

The same source pointed out that the mercenaries threatened the residents to evict them from their homes and the settlement of the people of Idlib, if they do not pay royalties.



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