​​​​​​​Turkey's mercenaries excavate Yazidis' graves in Serêkaniyê!

After plundering everything, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation began this time to excavate the graves in search of gold.

Sources from inside the occupied city of Serêkaniyê confirmed to our agency that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation have recently started to excavate the tombs of the Yazidi civilians in the villages of Serêkaniyê occupied city because they believe that the Yazidi religion has a custom to put the bodies of the dead in the graves wearing gold!

Serêkaniyê  and its countryside are considered of the oldest areas inhabited by the Yazidi community, and it is distributed mostly from Serêkaniyê to the rest of the cities and regions of northern and eastern Syria till Afrin.

According to the same sources, Turkey's mercenaries dug up the graves of the Yazidi village of "Jan Tamr" of Serêkaniyê city, 2 km north of the Turkish border.

The sources said that the mercenaries removed the remains of all the dead from the graves in their search for gold and valuables that they believe the Yazidis put in the graves, and they are still searching in all villages where the Yazidis' graves are located in both Serêkaniyê and Zerkan.


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