Turkey's mercenaries destroy a shrine in Afrin and continue to kidnap civilians

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS kidnapped 9 citizens of Afrin, while mercenaries destroyed the shrine of Qara Kul village and cut down the trees surrounding it.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to commit crimes and violations against civilians in Afrin and encroach on their nature and cultural heritage.

According to a source of ANHA agency correspondent, the mercenaries of the so-called " Firqat al-Sultan Murad ", they have just days before the destruction of the shrine of Tel -Medawar in the village of Qara Kul in Bulbul district.

The same source said that the mercenaries also cut down the entire trees surrounding the shrine.

On the other hand, a local source from Shia district told ANHA correspondent that the mercenaries of "Liwa Waqas" The source said that the mercenaries abducted citizens from the villages of Anqla and Sinara on November 9, including the names of the abducted persons, Ibrahim Abdo and Zakaria Mohammed, and their agricultural tractors were stolen. The mercenaries demanded a ransom of 3 million Syrian pounds for the release of each person.

In Sherawa district, on 12 November, the Failaq al-Sham mercenaries of the Turkish occupation abducted six civilians from Kabashin village: Ismail Jammo Haidar, Hussein Abdo Mohammed, Ghassan Loai Esau, Taher Suleiman Abed and Mohammed Abdul Qader Hindi.

A source said that the Failaq al-Sham mercenaries took the abductees to a prison of their own in the village of Iskan in Shirawa district.

In the city center of Afrin, a young man, Farhad Sheikh Abdi, was kidnapped on November 12 by Turkey's mercenaries in front of his shop, while his relatives have not received any information about his fate.







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