Turkey's gangs kidnapped 5 citizens in Afrin

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS kidnapped 5 civilians from Afrin canton's people.


According to information obtained by ANHA correspondent from sources inside Sherawa district in Afrin, on 14 November, Al-Hamzat mercenaries belonging to Turkish occupation army kidnapped 4 citizens from Bassouta village's people.

The source mentioned the names of the kidnapped person as “Ali Khalil Khaled, Haydar Samir Lulu, Hamza Khalid and Hussein Damso”, and said that they were taken to a prison in Afrin city center and their fate is still unknown.

In the Shia district, another source said that the mercenaries of "Sultan Suleiman Shah (al-Amshat )" on November 17 this year kidnapped Mohammed Mustafa Sheikho, 32 years old, while his fate is still unknown.



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