Turkey's crimes in Ain Issa, Girê Spî

​​​​​​​Despite all calls for a ceasefire, the Turkish occupation army continues its attacks in the areas of northern and eastern Syria, causing tremendous devastation in homes, commune centers and schools.

At a time when the world is preoccupied with confronting the Coronavirus, the Turkish occupation state is busy with how to expand its occupation areas in northern and eastern Syria, and eradication of Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA

Turkey ignores the international calls for a cease-fire in all conflict areas in the world, including Syria, and in parallel with the Turkish ignorance, the international community continues to remain silent about the Turkish crimes that have continued in the region since the launch of the attack on October 9, 2019.

Girê Spî / Tel-Abyad


The villages of Kurhassan, Qazali, and Khirbet Baqr, located in the west of Girê Spî / Tel-Abyad, are among the most frequently attacked villages.

Scenes of devastation are spread in these villages everywhere, and Turkish attacks impede the normal life of the local population, and the people were unable to cultivate their lands, even though they are their only source of income.

Destruction of communes

The continuous Turkish attack destroyed 14 communes center in the western and eastern countryside of Ain Issa district, and about 57 commune center are under the Turkish occupation. Turkey also occupied the posts of the people's councils in the villages of Abu Kharaza and Ali Bagli. About a thousand civilians were forced to flee their countryside in Ain Issa.

In the occupied Tel-Abyad, Turkey having occupied 129 commune center out of 199. Continuous targeting resulted in the closure of 12 communes.

Destruction of Homes

In the villages of Ain Issa, the Turkish shelling destroyed about 20 houses, and in the occupied Tal Abyad, particularly in the western countryside, the shelling destroyed 60 houses. The occupied Tel Abyad District Council was unable to establish an accurate statistic on the number of homes destroyed due to the continued shelling on the western rural area of the canton.

Destruction of Schools

Before the Turkish attack on northern and eastern Syria, 439 schools of all stages were hosting nearly 38,970 students in the occupied Tel Abyad district. But Turkey occupied 281 schools, and destroyed 40 others. About 70 schools remained open to teaching.

In the same context, 55 schools are under Turkish occupation in the Ain Issa countryside, and 4 schools are hosting displaced persons fleeing the Turkish shelling, and the shelling has destroyed 3 schools.

57 schools were left in Ain Issa countryside, 22 of which were in the range of Turkish attacks. The Turkish attack deprived about 10,000 students from studying, and the total number of students was 18,000 in the villages of Ain Issa before the Turkish attack.



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