Turkey violated all international laws against Syria

The administrative in Kongra  Star of  Tal Brak district , Sajeda al-Ali said that Turkey violated all international laws and charters before the eyes of the whole world, including the Syrian regime and pointed out that Turkey always stands as a stumbling block in the way of the Syrian solution.

The march launched from the southern entrance to Tal Barak, holding pictures of Ocalan, flags of Kongra  Star, flags of the Syrian Democratic Forces, flags of the Martyrs' Families Council.

"Erdogan and his mercenaries have built a separation wall to isolate Afrin and separate it from Syrian territory," the deputy of joint presidency in Tel Barak district council said.

She added, "Here we say no to the Turkish aggression against Afrin, Afrin is part of Syria, and it will be liberated from Erdogan and his mercenaries."

Sajeda al-Ali explained that Turkey threatens parties seeking to the solution by sending terrorist factions to it, Turkey has recently built a separation wall to separate Afrin from Syrian territory, in violation of all international laws and conventions, including the laws of occupation before the eyes of the entire world, including the Syrian regime.



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