Turkey sends reinforcements to Idlib for second time in two days

The Turkish army sent military reinforcements to the Syrian province of Idlib for the second time since the unilateral truce declared by Russia.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights(SOHR) monitored the entry of a new military convoy of the Turkish occupation army, the second of its kind during the current ceasefire in the region of "Putin - Erdogan," where about 15 vehicles entered the dawn today through the border crossing of Kafr Lusin, and headed towards the so-called Turkish observation points countryside Idlib. The column consists of several vehicles carrying soldiers and logistical equipment.

A convoy of the Turkish occupation army entered yesterday (the first day of the truce) also through the Kafrlusin crossing north of Idlib on the border with the Iskenderun Brigade.

The convoy consisted of armored vehicles and military vehicles seen on the Aleppo-Damascus International Highway, where the convoy, one of which went to Maaratat, where Turkish forces have been stationed since the regime forces took control of Khan Sheikhoun, while the other part went to the Sorman point east of Idlib.

The dispatch came after the Turkish occupation forces conducted a reconnaissance patrol on August 28 at the Aleppo-Lattakia highway. Information was received by the Syrian Observatory on the intention of the occupation army to establish a checkpoint there after the regime forces took control of Khan Sheikhoun and Murek, where the ninth checkpoint of the occupation army .

During the battles of Khan Sheikhoun, Turkish military reinforcements entered the area on 26 August, but warplanes targeted and forced them to change direction. The Syrian regime said then that Turkey had sent military reinforcements to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.


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