'Turkey seeks to expand its occupation'

Ferhan al-Issa explained that the hostility of the Turkish state to the Syrian people is clear once again after the construction of the occupation wall to separate Afrin from the Syrian territories, stressing that the components of north and east of Syria will face all attempts to occupy Syria.

The Turkish state has recently been working on building a separation wall to separate occupied Afrin from Syrian territory. In this regard, our agency met with the head of the Public Relations Office of al-Raqqa Civil Council Ferhan al-Issa, who pointed out that the goal of the Turkish state is to expand its ambitions in the region and occupy many areas of neighboring countries.

Ferhan al-Issa said: "The Turkish state was still part of the Syrian crisis, where it worked to support mercenary groups with the aim of expanding its influence and occupation of Syrian territory to restore the glory of the Ottomans to the region."

"The Turkish state is responsible for all the killings and robberies that occur in the city of Afrin, Idlib and other Syrian areas that occupied it in order to impose its dictatorial ideology," Ferhan al-Issa said.

He pointed out that after the Turkish state occupied Iskenderun  area from the Syrian territory, it is currently working to occupy Afrin, to complete the series of killings, looting and kidnappings against the people in Afrin.

"Turkey is working on the Sykes-Picot agreement which divided the Syrian territory and is striving to occupy Syrian territory amid international silence," Ferhan al-Issa said.

At the end of his speech, the head of the Public Relations Office in al-Raqqa Civil Council Ferhan al-Issa said that the components of the north and east of Syria will not accept partition and occupation and will stand in the face of all attempts which seek to occupy Syria.



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