Turkey 's gangs kidnapped citizens among them 7 women from Afrin

10 citizens have been kidnapped by Turkey's gangs among them 7 women from the people of Deir Swan belonging to Shara district and took them to unknown destination.

According to local sources from Afrin canton center of our agency ANHA that the Turkish occupation army's mercenaries kidnapped yesterday 10 citizens of the village of Deir Swan of the district of Shara.

The source confirmed that seven of the abducted women were taken by mercenaries to an unknown destination.

The source obtained the names of the abductees: Nabih Khalil Ojaili (55 years), wife of Horo Manan Othman, Latifa (35 years), Moulida Abdel Rahman Khalil, Widad Waqas, Amira Shehima, Adham Omar Majeed and his mother Fahmyah, 50 years old. Hassan Ahmed Jamo and his mother Zeinab, 37.

It is worth mentioning that during the past two days, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped more than 30 citizens of Afrin.



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