Turkey pollutes two rivers in Tel -Abyed

The Turkish state has opened sewage to two rivers passing through the border canton of Tel- Abyad, continuing the policy of restriction and extortion that Turkey has been doing since the liberation of Tel- Abyad from ISIS mercenaries.

Another form of war and hostility is practiced by the Turkish occupation state towards the people of Tel- Abyad area in northeastern Syria, which lies on the Turkish border, after it failed to achieve its efforts to occupy the region and intimidate its people through the threat and mobilization of forces, Turkey is practicing another form of war.

Days after the opening of sewage on the Jalab River coming from the Turkish territory, which caused serious damage to the lands of the people planted with summer crops not to mention the entry of water to the houses of the villagers in several villages along the river, Turkish resorted to the same method Turkey and opened the sewage on Sulhleh River, which enters the town of Tel-Abyed from Turkish territory.

Turkey did not practice these policies when Tel -Abyad was under ISIS occupation, but Turkish policies became hostile towards the people of the canton after its liberation from ISIS by YPG on June 15, 2015.

Sulhleh River comes from Turkey to pour into Ain al-Hessan in Tel-Abyed, but recently it has become a dumping site for the wastewater of the Turkish-controlled city of Aceh Qala.

As the temperature rises, insects multiply and odors from river pollution increase The rise of the river is a danger to the homes of residents living next to it as residents fear that water will enter their homes.

Hajj Saleh Hindawi, a resident of al- Basateen neighborhood that "Turkey has raised the level of sewage coming towards the city of Tel-Abyed and this is an obstacle to the residents of the neighborhood, this water is contaminated and full of insects and this leads to the spread of diseases."

"In general, Turkey wants to harm northern and eastern Syria in any way, whether military or political," Hindawi said. It wants to harm the lives of the people of Tel Abyad by increasing the level of sewage, our earnings, our homes, our children and everyone living on the river's side have been damaged. "



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