Turkey obstructs "Right to Hope" with "disciplinary sanctions"

 Two lawyers explained that the "disciplinary sanctions" imposed by the Turkish occupation state on the leader Abdullah Ocalan come to obstruct the decision of the European Court of Human Rights to re-trial and implement the "Right to Hope", and confirmed that the European Committee Against Torture is biased.

 For about 23 months, no information has been received from Imrali, and the authorities of the Turkish occupation state continue to impose strict isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the other Imrali detainees (Omar Khairy Konar, Hamili Yildirim, and Weisi Aktash), amid imposing "disciplinary penalties."

 A member of the defense team for Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, the lawyer, Khaled Omar, noted the legal violations against the leader Ocalan, saying: "Not to mention the disciplinary penalties imposed on him every three months, the kidnapping of the leader, his trial and the imposition of strict isolation on him are essentially illegal."

 On the ongoing "disciplinary penalties," Omar explained, "they are political decisions, which have no relationship or legal basis, and constantly renewed, for tightening isolation and preventing him from meeting with his lawyer, family, and the outside world."

 Right to Hope

 Referring to the relationship between "disciplinary penalties" and the "right to hope" decision, Omar affirmed, "The Turkish state has already issued a decision to exempt leader Ocalan from the right to hope decision, which is a legitimate right for every prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment, that is, without imposing disciplinary penalties as well."  The leader was exempted from this decision, to obstruct the implementation of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the retrial after 25 years of his arrest, under the pretext that the leader Ocalan threatens their national security and so on.

In another evidence of the fascist Turkish state's violations of international laws, Turkey admitted on August 30, 2022 that the leader Ocalan;  Exempt from the Right to Hope.

 Non-serious steps for CPT

 Omar drew attention to the visits of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) to Imrali without taking concrete steps regarding the status of the leader, and added: "CPT, the European Council and the European Court of Human Rights have not fulfilled their duty towards the leader Ocalan until now, so it is the duty of the Committee against Torture to visit the prisons of all  the countries that have signed the Convention on the Prevention of Torture, follow-up on the status of the prisoner, prepare clear reports on it, and hold the state that practices torture against the prisoner accountable.

 He continued, "Although the Committee against Torture, has proven before now that there is psychological torture practiced in Imrali, we have not seen any serious steps taken by it so far."

 Entering the stage of struggle for physical freedom

 With the advent of the 24th anniversary of the international conspiracy against leader Abdullah Ocalan, Omar emphasized the continuation and intensification of the legal struggle to lift the strict isolation, he said: "The Commission continues with lawyers in north and east Syria to struggle to lift the isolation, and many other institutions have been established recently to achieve this goal."

 He concluded his speech by saying: "We strive to communicate our voice and our cause to all human rights institutions. Our cause is not only to lift isolation, but also to achieve the physical freedom of leader Ocalan."

 For his part, the lawyer, Mustafa Muslim, said, "The disciplinary penalties that are usually imposed on prisoners and detainees are a package of measures that limit the movement and communication of the prisoner with the outside world, also known as deterrent laws, to prevent him from committing any new breach, and in the case of the leader Abdul  Allah Ocalan is invoking flimsy pretexts and justifications to cut off his communication with his family and lawyer.

He added, "We all know that the sanctions imposed by the Turkish occupation state on the leader in Imrali have political aims based on legal bases hostile to the Kurdish issue in Turkey. What does the leader Abdullah Ocalan penetrate in his prison to impose sanctions on him so that he is deprived of his most basic rights?"

 And he continued: "The penalties imposed against the leader are far from the legal feature that requires its adoption. In all countries of the world, the right of the prisoner to communicate with his family is preserved, but the leader is deprived of this right."

 Referring to the work of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and its role in protecting the rights of detainees, Muslim said: "If we talk about the activities of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture towards the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the committee is not impartial in its work as required, and is not transparent as it claims, and its bias towards the Turkish occupation state  It became clear, especially in her recent visit to Imrali prison, and that she did not provide any official information about that visit or about the status of the leader.”



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