Turkey mobilizes more military reinforcements to Girê Spi border

The Turkish-Syrian border adjacent to Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad border witnessed yesterday evening intensified movements of the Turkish army, including mobilizing additional machineries and military reinforcements.

Turkish moves continue off the city of Girê Spi, as correspondents of Hawar news agency from the city of Girê Spi reported that the border witnessed more moves overnight.

According to sources from the Turkish interior, the Turkish army has brought additional military vehicles into the Turkish city of Akcakale, which is situated opposite to Girê Spi loaded on seven military vehicles carriers.

Troops have also been spotted off Girê Spi's western villages and Mashrafit el-Ezzo border village east of the city.

A special source told Hawar News Agency that the Turkish army had placed heavy artillery in a camp off the city of Girê Spi, which was formerly inhabited by Syrians and later removed.

In the vicinity of the occupied city of Jarablus, firing from Turkish State mercenaries was also observed towards areas on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River yesterday, our agency's correspondents learned.

The developments come at a time when Turkey is threatening the northern and eastern regions of Syria to launch a new aggression on the region.

The people went out to the streets and hundreds headed to the Syrian-Turkish border and began a sit-in in Kobani and Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad in rejection of the Turkish threats and confirmation of their option to resistance.


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