Turkey mercenaries kidnap 4 people from one family in Afrin

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation today, as part of a series of violations against the people of Afrin, have kidnapped four civilians from the village of Qurtqlaq village of Shera district of Afrin canton.

According to an informed source from Afrin to our agency ANHA that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation raided at about 2:00 am on Friday the village of Qurtqlaq in the district of Shara and abducted 4 citizens of the same family, the source mentioned the names of the kidnappers are: "Mohammed Ahmed Sheikh Tamo, aged 34 Luqman Mohammed Sheikh Tamo 20 years old, Mohammed Sheikh Ahmed Tamo 45 years old, Issam Manan Shabu Tamo 35 years old.

They were taken to an unknown destination without any information about them or the reasons for the kidnapping.


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