Turkey is confused about its points in (Demilitarized zone), Israel's security agreements stretching to Iraq

The advancement of the regime forces and Russia in Khan Sheikhoun led to Turkey's confusion over the observation points that have become trapped and under fire. Meanwhile, talk of Israel targeting popular mobilization sites in Iraq confirms that the US-Russian consensus on Israel's security extends to Iraq.

On Wednesday morning, Arab newspapers touched upon to the battles in the Idlib countryside and its surrounding, and talk of Israeli bombardment of sites in Iraq.

Al-Arab: Damascus regains Khan Sheikhoun on the turmoil of Turkish confusion

Regarding the Syrian issue, Al-Arab newspaper followed the developments in Idlib and its surroundings. "The strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun is practically under the control of the Syrian army, after the withdrawal of the jihadi and fighting factions, to become the largest Turkish observation point in the region under an understanding between Ankara and Moscow under the fire of the army amid news." Russian-Turkish negotiations on its evacuation. "

Ankara on Tuesday warned Damascus against "playing with fire" the day after announcing that a military convoy had been hit by an airstrike on its way to the Turkish observation post south of Khan Sheikhoun. Moscow implicitly called on Turkey to evacuate observation points in Idlib and its surroundings.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ihsan Oglu added that Turkey “does not intend to move the ninth point of control in the Syrian Idlib to another place”, indicating that Turkey's main objective is not to ensure the implementation of the Sochi Agreement as much as to consolidate a position of influence.

 “Damascus and its Russian ally proved that Turkish checkpoints could complicate military progress on the ground,” said Sam Heller, a researcher at the International Crisis Group. "They want to avoid causing casualties among Turkish soldiers, but these points are not enough to deter them from moving forward."

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Two women in Sudan's "sovereignty" and a third to head the judiciary

The Sudanese Transitional Council issued yesterday a decree appointing 11 members of the Sovereignty Council, including two women, and the new council is scheduled to exercise sovereignty in the country throughout the transition period, which is 39 months, while press reports said that the two parties agreed to appoint «Judge» Nemat Abdullah Mohammed Khair as head of the judiciary, and was also agreed on the personality who will assume the post of Attorney General.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: US-Russian consensus on Israel's security includes Syria and Iraq

As for the Israeli issue, Asharq Al-Awsat said, "Israel has been confirmed several times in the past few weeks to bomb Iranian weapons and missiles stores in Iraq in implementation of a US-Russian agreement to" guarantee Israel's security in Iraq and Syria, "according to Western diplomatic sources. The understanding was that Tel Aviv should not officially declare its raids. "

It was announced in Baghdad yesterday, the outbreak of a "mysterious bombing" of weapons stores belonging to the "Popular Mobilization" in the vicinity of Balad air base in Salah al-Din province.

"The first bombardment of Iranian weapons depots dates back to July 19, when the 52nd Brigade of the Popular Mobilization was targeted at the Amerli town camp in Salahuddin province. On July 28, a raid was launched against Camp Ashraf in Diyala and resulted in the destruction of missiles. "

"Between July 19 and 28 on Iraq, Israel again bombarded the strategic hill of al-Harra in the countryside of Daraa, near the occupied Syrian Golan. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted that his country was behind the raids in Iraq. "Iran has no immunity anywhere," he said. We will act against them (the Iranians), wherever necessary."



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