​​​​​​​Turkey- International Day of the innocent children victims of aggression

Hundreds of innocent children in the occupied Syrian territories are subjected to all forms of crimes such as "killing, displacement, rape, and imprisonment," in addition to health and economic suffering due to the imposed blockade.

The future of millions of children in Syria is still hanging by a thread. Because of the Syrian crisis, and natural and health disasters, the areas occupied by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries are the most areas where crimes and violations against children are committed.

With the crisis in Syria entering its 13th year, violence continues in several regions, and children are exposed to grave violations. According to a statement by the United Nations UNICEF, about 13,000 children have been killed and injured since the start of the crisis in Syria.

The statement added that 6.81 million children in Syria need basic health services, and 3.75 million children across the country need food aid.

Despite the recommendations made by the United Nations and children's rights organizations, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are still committing grave violations against thousands of children in North and East Syria, especially the areas they occupied, and ANHA’s agency documented through this report many of what Turkey did, which took place during this period. year only, on the occasion of the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.

on January 20; The child Ahmed Abdel-Ghani Al-Sam lost his life as a result of being hit by shrapnel in the head in an attack by a Turkish UAV at the Ma’shuq intersection in Qamishlo canton.

On April 24, the village of Ain al-Abd in the countryside of Tal Tamr district in al-Hasakah canton was bombed by the Turkish occupation, which resulted in the martyrdom of two sisters. They are Maryam Khader Owais (10 years old) and Etidal Owais (9 years old), and three children were injured. They are Abdel Aziz, Diaa and Zahra Khader Aweys.

On April 16, the child Musa Mustafa Bekhanadi (16 years old) was injured by Turkish border guards while he was working among his trees, in his border village of Boban, west of the city of Kobani.

The bombing of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on the Tal Rifaat area also resulted in the martyrdom of the child Mahamid Al-Omar (16 years old), and the martyrdom of the child Amira Hussein Khalaf in Tal Rifaat as well.

Also, since the occupation of Afrin canton in 2018, the Turkish occupation army has committed daily crimes against children, and according to the Human Rights Organization in Afrin, the number of children killed has reached 90, and 330 children have been injured during this year, including:

Aslan Mesto (14 years old) was kidnapped by the mercenaries of the "Al-Amshat Division".

Muhammad Ali Idris (8 years old) was kidnapped by Turkish intelligence along with his mother.

Maria Idris Musa (8 years old) was kidnapped by Turkish intelligence.

Mira Idris Musa (two years old) was kidnapped with her mother by Turkish intelligence.

The child Asaad Mahamid Al-Omar and Amira Hussein Khalaf were killed in Tel Rifaat as a result of the Turkish bombing.

The suicide of the child Zeinab Amin Ali in Afrin.

The kidnapping of Inga Fawzi Muslim (12 years old) by the mercenaries of the "Military Police" in Afrin.

Nour Shawkat Hamo (14 years old) was kidnapped by Turkish intelligence in Afrin.

Zainab Ali Khalil (7 years old) was kidnapped by the mercenaries of Faylaq al-Sham.

Ali Salih (15 years old) was kidnapped by Turkish intelligence.

This May, the leaders of the Turkish occupation mercenaries committed two crimes of rape, in less than a week, against two girls, aged 10 and 14, in occupied Afrin.

The Human Rights Organization in Jazira region documented the martyrdom of 3 children, in the bombings that took place in the region at the hands of ISIS mercenaries, and two cases of criminal killing.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries demand a financial ransom from the families of the children after their kidnapping, and refugee children in Turkey are also exposed to violence and killing. In 2017, 691 families in Gaziantep submitted requests to the police regarding the disappearance of their children, and the number of missing children inside Turkish territory exceeded thousands.

In the regions of North and East Syria, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria opened an office (child protection in armed conflicts), and the Syrian Democratic Forces had earlier signed an action plan with the United Nations in order to protect and care for children, but many factors are still endangering their lives. children at risk, including:

Economic factors


The administrator of the Human Rights Organization in Jazira region, Avin Jumaa, confirms that North and East Syria was a refuge for thousands of Syrian children, but the Turkish attacks caused the displacement of thousands of people in the areas it occupied and endangered their lives, and they are suffering today in camps and in need of care. The blockade imposed on the region and the closure of crossings, the latest of which is the closure of the Semalka crossing, endanger the lives of thousands of children on a daily basis.

health factors

According to the human rights organization in Jazira region, the blockade imposed on the region and the policies used to destabilize the region led to the loss of many medicines that children need, and despite the opening of many medical centers, there is no international support in terms of health, although there is Thousands of children in camps.

psychological factors

And the administrator in Jazira egion, Avin Jumaa, indicated that the children of ISIS mercenaries in the camps in North and East Syria are at great risk, and they also pose a great danger to the whole world, despite the psychological rehabilitation centers opened by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in order to rehabilitate them, but thousands The children live with their mothers, and according to international law the mother has the right to keep them, and these mothers teach the children religious extremism.

Avin Jumaa stressed that the international forces are required to urgently resolve this issue, because these children will grow up with religious extremism, and most of them are of different nationalities.

The Turkish occupation also targeted many educational facilities and schools in North and East Syria, which prevented children from completing their studies, especially in the areas of al-Shahba, Tal Tamr and Zerghan, and it also turned schools in the occupied areas into military headquarters.

Natural factors

During this year, the region was subjected to a catastrophic earthquake that left many children dead and injured. The collapse of a residential building over the heads of its occupants in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo led to the loss of their lives to 12 displaced people from occupied Afrin, including 5 children, including: Youssef Jaro (two years old). and a half), and the 8-year-old Hamida Jaro, and 7-year-old Jamal Jaro.

And the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria had announced, through a statement, its readiness to receive Syrian refugees from Lebanon, and the administrator of the Human Rights Organization in the Jazira region, Avin Youssef, confirms that the region needs peace and an end to Turkish crimes, especially after Erdogan assumed the presidency of the country again. Because Erdogan's policy poses the greatest danger to children in the region.

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