Turkey hides the truth and experts confirm that Turkey may be like Italy or more

​​​​​​​Health experts have warned that the coronavirus in Turkey is out of control, and that the number of deaths from the disease may be close to the number of deaths in Italy or Spain.

"The recent data on the cases and the number of deaths indicate that the situation in Turkey has gone out of control, and if the necessary measures are not taken, then Turkey will be like Italy or Spain," BIRN reported by the doctor at Harvard Medical College Imra Altendish, where death toll will be increasing on a daily basis."

Turkey only reported the first patient with the coronavirus on March 11, but cases and deaths have risen rapidly since then, as the Turkish Health Minister confirmed on Tuesday, seven more deaths due to the Coruna virus, and announced 343 new cases, raising the total number of cases in The country to 1,872.

Turkey has stopped its flights from dozens of countries, closed a wide range of companies and unnecessary places, and announced a curfew on elderly and sick citizens over the weekend, although it refrained from imposing a full ban.

Altendish said that South Korea had succeeded in curbing the epidemic because it was testing 20,000 people daily, and that China had reduced the transmission of the disease by closing the affected city of Wuhan, unlike Turkey since the latter had not conducted large-scale tests, nor had it strictly closed the major cities in Turkey.

"The Turkish government either hides the real numbers of cases, or foolish things happen in Turkey," Altendish said. "The Turkish government is advertising to show that the process is well managed. They know that this situation will have severe political and economic consequences."

The Turkish Medical Association (TTB) urged the government on the 23rd of this month to be more transparent regarding the epidemic, "The cities and towns in which the cases have been confirmed should be announced publicly, and the number of deaths and injuries according to age and gender," she said.

A doctor working at a university hospital told BIRN: "What I notice in the hospital is that the real numbers are at least two or three times higher than the numbers announced by the government, and the COVID-19 epidemic is out of control."

The doctor himself said: "It appears that the Turkish Ministry of Health is implementing a wait-and-see policy, but this means that it is too late to implement the necessary steps."

He also said: "This week seems to be the most important because the incubation period for the new coronavirus is about 14 days, and many people will come to the hospitals, and we will talk about thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths every day.

BIRN believes that Turkey will be Italy again or worse.



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