Turkey gangs kidnap 3 citizens from Mobata district in occupied Afrin

In the past few days, the mercenaries of the so-called "Jabha al-Shamiya and Suqur al-Shamal Brigade" of the Turkish occupation have kidnapped three citizens of Mobata district.

Sources from occupied Afrin reported that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation kidnapped three citizens of Sherawa district, during a raid on villages.

The source explained that the mercenaries of the Jabha al-Shamiya kidnapped the citizen (Gharib Ismail Hassan) from the village of Khlinira in Mobata district for the second time, at the same mercenaries' checkpoint in the village of Kafr Jannah in Shara district, while returning to his village.

On the other hand, the "Suqur al-Shamal Brigade" mercenaries raided the village of Kamrouk in Mobata district, and kidnapped two citizens from the village, namely (Abdo Mohammad Omar - Mohammad Hussein Sheikho), and took them to an unknown destination without being able to know their fate.



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