"Turkey fights democracy's concept in everywhere"

Members of civil institutions in Girê Spi / Tel-Abyad condemned the threats of the Turkish occupation on northern and eastern Syria and the dismissal of a number of mayors of people’s municipalities in northern Kurdistan, stressing their adherence to their democratic project, which is being suppressed by Turkey.

A member of the Center for Culture and Art in Girê Spi canton Sheikh Ali Osman condemned Turkey's threats against Girê Spi, said: "We will continue to resist until Turkey ceases to threaten our land and our people, we live freely and represent peoples' fraternity, we do not need Turkey to come and establish a buffer zone."

Ali Osman pointed out that Turkey practices the most severe violations against the people in north Kurdistan from arresting, beating and isolating mayors, adding, "This is hard proof that Turkey cannot reform its internal affairs, how you want to enter our land under the pretext of protecting it. (Turkey) wants to enter Girê Spi to obliterate the Kurdish presence on the ground, Afrin in front of the eyes, on the pretext that it freed it from terrorism, and every day is practiced against terrorism of killing, kidnapping, rape, logging, forced displacement and demographic change.

In a related context, says spokeswoman of the Education Committee in Girê Spi canton Amkehan Hassan said that" When we see the Turkish threats to these areas we remember the period when ISIS mercenaries took control of large areas of northern and eastern Syria, it is related to each other, there is no difference between them, all were in the hands of the Turkish state, ISIS mercenaries were based on its ally Turkey in committing massacres against the people of the region.

She pointed to the dismissal of the Turkish Authorities mayors of Amed, Wan and Mardin in north Kurdistan, and said, "How long has Turkey been working for democracy to allow the opening of municipalities run by the Kurdish people in north Kurdistan, and added "Erdogan has been fighting democracy and peace ever since and will not allow the application of the concept of democracy in his country and will fight anyone who demands freedom and democracy, so we see violations against MPs and the Kurdish people in Amed."

And she concluded his speech saying that "Turkey's goal is to destabilize the region's security and sow discord among the people. But the people of the region have become aware and understand the Turkish purpose of these policies, so we see how the people resist and stand up to them with their unity, determination and strong beliefs, and they form human shields."



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