Turkey failed to end strugglers' strike

The martyrs' families from Qamishlo city have explained that the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan continued despite his meeting with his lawyers, stressing that Turkey's policy had aimed at ending the strugglers' strike failed.

Turkish occupation has been imposing an intensive isolation on the leader since two years, and to lift this isolation, hundreds of Kurdish people in Kurdistan, EU, and Kurdish people's comrades have been struggling for months to achieve their demands to end the isolation.

The Turkish occupation is trying hard to end the strike of Leyla Guven and the political prisoners who have been striking with her. Where it has allowed the brother of leader Ocalan to visit him for a short time, and on 2 May, two of his lawyers were allowed to meet with him. The martyrs' families of Qamishlo canton see that these meetings do not mean that the isolation finished.

The Co-chair of the Martyrs' Families Council in the eastern district of Qamoshlo Najah Suleiman has explained that despite the meeting between leader Ocalan and his lawyers and issuing a statement on it; however, this meeting did not mean that isolation ended, and said, "The isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan continues."

And the Co-chair of the Martyrs' Families Council Mohammed Hajji Saeed pointed out, "The struggle and resistance of hunger strikers continue because the strict isolation is still imposed on the leader Ocalan, and this has been confirmed by the strikers detained in the prisons of the Turkish occupation through a statement immediately after hearing the news of the meeting of the lawyers with Ocalan."

The political prisoners in the prisons of the Turkish occupation issued a statement to the public opinion, explaining, "The short meeting of lawyers does not mean the end of isolation because the meeting was under conditions of strict isolation and this is unacceptable, and they stressed that they will continue the resistance until lifting the isolation against the leader Ocalan."

The member of the Martyrs' Families Council's Ismail Farhou pointed out that the goal of Turkey of this incident was to indicate that the isolation ended so that the hunger strikers would stop their condemning activities for the isolation and end the strike, and said, "Turkey's policies failed again."



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