Turkey defies European warnings and transports an exploration ship to S. Cyprus

Turkey has announced the transportation of the "Yavuz" exploration ship operating in the Cyprus economic zone towards the southern waters of the island for gas exploration.

Informed sources said that Turkey launched a naval telegram No. 20/250, announcing the transfer of the "Yavuz" exploration ship to southern Cyprus for gas exploration during the period from July 18 to August 18, and Turkey drew to the ship will continue to operate in Cypriot waters, according to Al-Arabiya.

The Turkish declaration was issued at a time when reports indicate German efforts to mediate between Greece and Turkey in an attempt to ease tension in the eastern Mediterranean, and Turkish exploration activities are the main criterion for knowing about Ankara's willingness to respond to diplomatic efforts.

It is expected that the President of Cyprus, Nikos Instiadis, and the Greek Prime Minister, Kriakis Mitsotakis, will raise the tension crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean in the summits, and in the bilateral meetings that will take place these two days on the sidelines of the European summits in Brussels.

For his part, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dundas revealed on Thursday that Athens had asked the European Union to impose multiple sanctions on Turkey.

In a related context, the Greek Foreign Minister considered that "the agreement concluded between Ankara and the Libyan reconciliation government and the exploration of our waters is invalid."

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