Turkey continues to commit genocide in Armenia this time through Azerbaijan

Abraham Karagulian, one of the oldest doctors in Kobani has pointed out that the Azerbaijan people do not want to enter war, which is being fueled by Turkey against Armenia, pointing out this attack aims to eradicate Armenian component and expanding the occupation operations as it did in Syria and Libya.

The dispute comes after launching attack with heavy weapons in the province of Nagorno Karabakh, since Monday morning, according to the Armenian Ministry of Defense announced.

Abraham Karagulian is an Armenian Dr. is residing in Kobani city's neighborhoods in north Syria said that" massive numbers of the Armenian residents have been displaced from their homes due to atrocities of the Turkish occupation, where settled in all over the world."

Turkey tries to ignite struggles among the peoples

Qereguliuan pointed out that there are no disputes or struggles between Azerbaijani and Armenians, but Turkey's insistence on backing Azerbaijani government and creating struggles between peoples to make use of led to negative outcomes and the ongoing war in Karabakh and Artsakh regions, adding that Turkey's historical enmity against Armenians still exists.

ARMENPRESS, the government's official agency in Armenia reported that Turkey has transferred 4,000 Syrian mercenaries from areas it occupies in northern Syria, to participate in the attack it launches against Armenia.

Abraham says '' the Turkish attempts to impose its domination in the Mediterranean have been foiled, the same thing in Libya where nothing was achieved, and now, and in continuation of the same colonial policy, it ignites the struggle between Azerbaijan and Armenia by sending thousands of Syrian mercenaries from the occupied areas, while Azerbaijanis not willing to engage in a war with their neighbors.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Nikol Pashnyan announced that Armenia declared martial law and general mobilization in the country against the backdrop of the military escalation.

All this comes amid international and regional calls to end the escalation in the three decades long- disputed province of Karabakh that is inhabited by three million people.



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