Turkey continues to commit crimes in Afrin amid international silence

​​​​​​​ The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue their crimes relentlessly against the kidnapped women of Afrin, amid the international community's continued inaction against these crimes that expose Turkey to accountability according to international humanitarian law and the four Geneva Conventions of 1949.

After the Turkish fascist state occupied Afrin canton on March 18, 2018, it turned its centers and schools into secret prisons and detention centers, the fate of those inside is surrounded by mystery, and only those who can pay high ransoms come out of it, after receiving his share of torture and insults.

 These prisons are considered unofficial, run directly by the Turkish intelligence and the mercenaries of the occupying country.

 According to the testimony of survivors, the blood resulting from torture, which often amounts to killing under torture, fills the place and stains its floors.

 Women are not excluded from this inhumane treatment, as women in the occupied territories are subjected to various types of crimes not to mention the forced displacement that drives demographic change.

 Young women set themselves on fire in Al-Ra'i prison

 In an exclusive interview published by our agency on September 9, the former kidnapper of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in Al-Ra'i prison, Rasoul Khalil, confirmed that three young women set themselves on fire, provided that they provide any information that would harm civilians.

W.C, who is also a former kidnapper, was released from Al-Ra'i prison on July 10 of this year, after paying about $3,500, during an exclusive interview published by our agency on August 7, that two women refused the practices that affect them and proceeded to  say. They set themselves on fire and would rather die than continue to live in al-Ra'i prison.

 On this issue, and the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against women in the occupied areas, the co-chair of the Human Rights Organization in Al-Jazera region, Avin Juma, told our agency: "Since the occupation of Afrin in what is known as the "Olive Branch" operation, the series of kidnappings has not ended, as more than 7,000 civilians of both sexes have been forcibly kidnapped, fate of many of them is still unknown.

 She added, "The process of documenting violations and accessing testimonies is surrounded by great difficulties, especially violations committed against women, and that in normal cases, people are afraid to speak about violations, especially if it is related to women, because there are social considerations and the fear of parents to speak about them, in addition to the most important part  which is the fear of reprisals and being arrested again, if we talk about it."

 Who goes inside is missing

 In her speech, Avin Jumaa referred to the testimonies of women previously kidnapped from Afrin, whom the organization was able to communicate with, with difficulty after their release from prison, as they said that many of these prisons are known as torture detention centers, in addition to the fact that the fate of many of those who entered them is unknown, and those who came out of them were released.  After paying a large ransom of thousands of dollars.

 According to what Avin Juma, these women witnessed shocking details of brutal rapes and kidnappings carried out by mercenaries and the Turkish occupation army against kidnapped women.  As a result of the great psychological pressure they were exposed to inside.  According to the co-chair of the Human Rights Organization in the Jazera region, who explained that the rape, captivity and oppression of women are carried out with Turkish light, approval and welcome, and dozens of women and girls are victims on a daily basis, especially minors, in addition to rape and exposing them to violence and crimes in an unprecedented manner.  Their families are being financially blackmailed.

Crimes occur under the supervision of Turkish officers

 Avin Juma stated that "all these crimes that occur in detention centers are under the supervision of Turkish officials as many witnesses have stated that the officers are aware of the matter, and what is happening is being done under their direct supervision. Therefore, its responsibility as an occupying power according to international humanitarian law is legal, and what  It does so by turning a blind eye to these violations, making it in a position of responsibility and accountability and a direct participation in what is happening there."

 Targeting women is a way to bring about demographic change

 Evin also pointed out that the Turkish occupier specifically targets women, with the aim of targeting society and violating customs and traditions in those areas;  The indigenous people hold on to their land, but when women are targeted, they are forced to leave the area to protect the women and children.  Thus, demographic change is brought about in the region.  Houses that are vacated are taken over and mercenary families are settling in them.  The main objective is to push the people of Afrin to forcibly migrate from their areas."

 According to the International Commission of Inquiry, the violations committed against women in Afrin are included in war crimes according to the international criminal law and the four Geneva Conventions of 1949. Enforced disappearance, arbitrary arrest, deprivation of freedoms and demand for ransom, during armed conflicts, all fall under the war crimes, which we are witnessing  In Afrin daily.

 Deliberate condoning of Turkish crimes

 Avin Juma explained that the Human Rights Organization communicated with many concerned parties that document violations, including the International Committee, which documents human rights violations in Syria, and sent many cases of violations, in addition to eyewitnesses communicating with these authorities directly, and the second issued several reports.  It condemns these violations, but no practical step has been taken to stop the violations, and many of them are overlooked, in order to "preserve international interests."

 Avin Juma condemned the international silence, in particular the human rights organizations that issued many reports and proved the violations that occur inside the prisons and detention centers of the occupation and its mercenaries, but they do nothing to put an end to these violations and hold accountable the perpetrators of the mercenaries and the Turkish officials who directly supervise these detention centers.

 At the conclusion of her speech, the co-chair of the Human Rights Organization in the Jazera region, Avin Juma, demanded to limit the violations committed in occupied Afrin, end its occupation, expel the mercenary groups affiliated with Turkey and return the area to its people.

But despite former kidnapped certificates, they have proved cases of torture, rape and murder under torture, but the international community continues to disappear without moving our stalk to end the occupation crimes, mercening and ending his occupation of the Syrian regions.



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