Turkey busy with demographic change amid Covid-19 outbreak

In the series of Turkish occupation crimes of  demographic change in the occupied  areas in northern Syria, Turkey sent 19 buses to the cities of Girê Spî /Tal Abyad and Serêkaniyê /Ras Al Ain with hundreds of mercenary groups families on board to house them in the homes of the region's forcibly displaced people.

At a time when the world is preoccupied with confronting the Corona pandemic, which poses threat on the world and humanity, the Turkish occupation continues on the policies of the demographic change in the occupied areas in the north and east of Syria. Today it has brought 19 buses from the occupied city of Jarabulus, full of families from Ghouta, Idlib, Homs and the northern Aleppo countryside, and transported them through Turkish territory to the city of Girê Spî for resettlement.

According to sources and activists of our agency, the Turkish occupation transfers these families in hurry in the light of the Corona threat, has two objectives: firstly. The demographic change in the occupied areas. Secondly, to prevent mercenary groups who are now coming out in ongoing demonstrations and protests in Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê demanding that the Turkish occupation remove them from the area and replace them with other groups, so Turkey sent the families of these mercenaries to them in the two cities by bus and free of charge and give them homes and property of the people who are forcibly displaced by the Turkish occupation attacks to prevent them from going out.

While information obtained by sources from inside the occupied areas stated that the roads will be opened in the two coming days for bringing in more of the mercenaries families of " Ahrara al Sharqia, and Al Jabha al Shamia " to both Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî/ Tal Abyad cities.

In coincidence with the Turkish ongoing destruction of the civilians homes, and eroding them in the villages it occupied, more than 20 homes were destroyed in a day in Shirkrak village linked to Ain Issa north of Al Raqqa city whose people forcibly emigrated due to the Turkish shelling.




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