Turkey blocking Euphrates water, fish species are threatened

The deputy co-chair of the Fishermen Union in Raqqa confirmed that the Euphrates River has lost fish species due to the significant decline in its level, since Turkey started using water as a weapon against the Syrian people since 2017.

The Euphrates River is famous for its multitude of fish species, which gradually began to disappear due to the inadequate level of the river for their reproduction, such as Jazar and Rumi that lay eggs in the deep depths of the river.

Since Turkey began using the water of the Euphrates River as a weapon to starve the Syrian people since 2017, the level of the Euphrates River has fallen catastrophically, which is unsuitable for fish breeding, as fish lay their eggs on the edges of rocks and algae deep in the river, which has now turned into a small stream.

deputy co-chair of the Fishermen Union in Raqqa, Youssef Sattam, warned that a disaster would befall the fish wealth completely, as these months are considered the spawning season, but the river level and the lack of appropriate depth are no longer suitable for reproduction, indicating large numbers of fish have died to become food for large fish and birds.


Regarding the varieties that have been completely lost from the water of the Euphrates, Satam explained that the fish of Jazar and Rumi have gradually been lost from the Euphrates since 2017, warning of the loss of other species.

Sattam pointed out that fishing is a source of income and livelihood for more than 300 families in the city of Raqqa alone, but they are currently unemployed as the river's water level does not help to set up nets.

Sattam called on humanitarian organizations and the international community to take effective steps to restore life to the Euphrates River and its basin, and held them responsible for the disaster that would affect people and stone.



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