Turkey and the demographic changing… uncovered game during international silence

Turkish demographic changing and extermination tries against Kurds in Syria  is not hidden more , the Turkish regime under the leadership of Receb Tayib Erdogan is playing in front of all eyes according to the describing of political analyzers and it practicing cancellation policy against the Kurds witht any control  

Within the attack of turkey against the Kurds in north and east of Syria and continuing of Turkish occupation army war crimes against the people , Erdogan trying to posing his project which aims to emptying the area of north and east of Syria of its original citizens via the alleged safe zone.

Supervisors think that what is called the safe zone that turkey tries to build it in North and East Syria is reproduction of what is happening in Palestinian lands by building settlements in the border line areas to emptying this area of its original citizens, after what turkey did in Afrin by trying to hide the historical and social marks and also demographic changes now turkey want to apply the same plan in North and East Syria

Turkey via its forcible displacing and systematic destroying of Kurdish areas and breaking up the local societies and forbidding people to back to their homes, it trying to destroy the experience of North and East of Syria and the marks of this plan showed in the ethnic cleansing and demographic changing in the areas that they occupied it like Gire Sipi/Tal Abyad and Sere Kaniye / Ras El-eyin , in threaten for the components of the area within complete international silence in front of these crimes which shows that they didn’t get enough blood.

In front of this tries the Palestinian doctor in international laws Abid El-karim Shiber confirms that turkey doesn’t has any right neither legal reason to practice any form of interfere in Syria and this intervene is attack and occupying lands of a state.

Shiber adds :" this Turkish military attack is against the international laws and this areas should be deal with it as occupied lands and apply international humanitarian law".

And he continues : any Turkish acts in this occupied lands is void according to the international law and all world's laws.

The Palestinian doctor stressed that previously we announced that these attack is war crime and dangerous violation for international law and Rome convention which considers any occupying or force intervene is war crime and should be sentenced on it".

Shiber mentioned that these attack refused internationally and Syria should ask for emergency meeting for UN to issue decision condemns this attack and stopping turkey.

Doctor pointed to the necessary of the rights organizations call the world to mace decision to stop turkeys attacks basing on the human rights law and the criminal law which condemns these acts and stop the committers

In the same topic Mohammed Abu Mohady the Palestinian political analyzer and writer confirms " that Erdogan is dictator has many thoughts , he isn’t hiding his ambitions in Syria like in other countries like , Iraq , Libya and Cyprus and his colonizing thoughts steel alive also his worries on his future after the winning of the opposition in municipal elections and series of splits which shocked the governor party AKP in turkey".

He adds :" Erdogan is venturing in Syria with Kurds and he trying to change the demographics in north Syria by sending the Syrian refugees who are in turkey to there and he thoughts that in this way he is closing the Kurdish file and stopping their election and political power in turkey , he saw all of them as enemies and instead of strengthening the idea of citizenship and equality in turkey he attack their rights and the same like what he did with the chiefs of municipals and he isolated 30 of them and the journalist and activates of the Turkish opposition , and he supported terrorist organizations and provided them cover to kill the Kurdish leaders like what happened with Havreen Khalaf and others.

Abu Muhady stresses that Erdogan committed war crimes in north Syria all the world saw it and asked for investigating in it and he is recover day by day and the world is just watching his crimes in north Syria neither his adventures in Libya , Iraq and Cyprus".



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