Turkey: AKP imposed on Syrians' refugees, exclusion, extra taxes

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has begun to tighten the blockade on Syrian refugees by imposing taxes and selling medicines, although Turkey is getting support from European countries to provide free aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey.

 Where the head of the Ruling Party began to promote the taxation of Syrian refugees and the sale of medicines to them despite the support received from European countries.

During a meeting of the Central Committee of the ruling Justice and Development Party to assess the results of the recent local elections, some MPs in the party expressed a negative reaction from the street towards the Syrians, and called for a new policy towards them, according to quoted newspaper "Hurriyet".

Erdogan said his government would take new steps toward the Syrians in Turkey, including three files - encouraging return, deportation, taxes are deducted in hospitals and the sale of medicines.

Erdogan said "But in any case now we will have new steps in this regard: we will take the necessary steps to encourage them to return, we will leave some of them and we will take taxes on medical treatment who they receive."

In the aftermath of the elections, the Syrians in Turkey are witnessing a tightening of law enforcement. After Erdogan's defeat in Istanbul, the ruling party's remarks became a threat to deport the Syrians.

Strict conditions

The Ministry of Labor began imposing strict conditions for obtaining work permits and recently rejected many of these requests.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the number of Syrian residents in Turkey is three million and 605 thousand and 615 Syrians in different states. 

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