Turkey again reveals its ambitions in Syria. Damascus, Aleppo were ours

Turkish state officials renewed their expansionist ambitions in Syrian territory. After the verbal leaks of a debate among Erdogan government officials about meddling in Syria, his Interior Minister said Damascus and Aleppo were Turkey.


In statements reaffirming the expansionist ambitions of the Turkish regime and its agenda to restore what he says is the Ottoman legacy, Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Suwailo said Damascus and Aleppo were Turkey.

In a speech to a gathering of supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party, Suwailo said the Turks and Syrians belong to one nation and lived under one banner for nearly 400 years.

And added the Interior Minister, and he is also Deputy of AKP's Head led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan "Damascus was ours, Aleppo was ours, and they were within the borders of our nation declared by the Ottoman General Council,"

Observers say that Erdogan is seeking to expand the region armed with the slogan of the Ottoman legacy, and has worked to support terrorist gangs to achieve these ambitions, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and now he is supporting of Janhet al-Nusra.

Arab countries, in particular Syria, have become the scene of Erdogan's expansionist operations. Several reports have revealed that Turkey has contributed to fueling the Syrian conflict by supporting al- Qaeda, Daesh and other groups.

A report published by the Swedish "Nordic Monitor" last January revealed that Turkish intelligence had used former officers to train and arm terrorists and sending them to Syria to overthrow the regime.

Turkey has exploited IS' presence, where several reports assert that he received support from the Turkish intelligence, on its borders, an argument to occupy the territories of north Syria, where its troops are still there.

Last month, Erdogan launched statements on the so-called "Buffer Zone " in north Syria, which was being proposed by US to establish it, asserting once again that it would be exclusively under the control of Turkey.

Observers believe that the Turkish insistence on the dominance of Ankara on this region, comes to achieve a practical annexation of areas in north Syria.

The Swedish Nordic Monitor said two days ago that a Turkish court had banned a tweet revealing the details of a videotape leaked to senior Turkish officials discussing the "conspiracy of military intervention in Syria."

In the recording, a discussion can be heard between the Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and his deputy, Verdun Siniruljuglu, along with the Deputy Chief of Staff and other officials.

"If necessary, I will send four men to Syria to launch mortar shells on the Turkish side, so we will create a pretext for war," one said.



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