​​​​​​​Tunisian writer: Erdogan exploits Corona and turns his intervention in Libya into direct invasion

Tunisian writer Habib al-Aswad said that the Turkish President took advantage of the world’s preoccupation with the Corona pandemic, and turned his intervention in Libya into a direct invasion, and made it clear that Erdogan's ambitions in the region were exposed, and it is the one that fails his project.

In an article for him in the Arab newspaper in its issue published today, Tunisian writer Habib al-Aswad spoke about the Turkish intervention in Libya, and said: "Taking advantage of the world's preoccupation with the Corona pandemic, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has conveyed his intervention in Libya to a direct invasion, all data reveal the size of the Turkish role these days in western Libya, which violated the truce of the eighth of last January, and the humanitarian truce, and is now fighting a war on all axes, whose goal is to upset the balance of power for the benefit of its allies, including warlords, militia leaders, and terrorist groups, and work to try to keep the national army from its current positions.

The writer pointed out that two weeks ago, the Turkish drones covered the sky of the western region from east Misurata to the borders adjacent to Tunisia, passing through Tarhuna and Bani Walid, and the suburbs of Tripoli, up to Hamada al Hamra, and the latest technology was used to interfere with the monitoring devices available to the army and on satellites to determine the movements of the armed forces vehicles in more than one place.

Turkey depends on its invasion of the capabilities of NATO

He stressed that Turkey relies in its invasion on the capabilities of NATO to which it belongs, while their customers on the ground allocate huge potentials to purchase the consciences of some weak souls who are ready to betray the national project, or to move sleeper cells that are still related to the delusion of the caliphate in its new Ottoman version.

He added, "There is no doubt that most of the observers have noticed during the past days that the Turkish drones targeted the shipments of supplies, fuel and medicine, especially in the suburbs of Bani Walid, and hit the cargo plane that landed at Tarhuna Airport with equipment designated to equip a field hospital within the army command plan to counter the emerging Corona virus, at the time In which militias backed by mercenary hordes carried out violent attacks on the axes of the fighting, the army was able to confront them, and respond to them with painful strikes, and the heavy losses incurred by Accord Government multinationals.

Erdogan is trying to score an imaginary victory

Through his unannounced invasion of the Libyan West, Erdogan is trying to register an imaginary victory to cover up his shaky internal conditions, politically, economically and socially, as well as the result of his losses in northern Syria, and the regional isolation he faces, in addition to his escalation comes as a challenge to the European mission to monitor implementation of the UN resolution banning the supply of arms to Libya, which provoked him by assigning its leadership to Greece, and it carried a Greek name, "Ireni" meaning peace.

Control of Libya has become an issue of life and death for Erdogan

He showed that controlling Libya has become an issue of life and death for Erdogan, based on several considerations, the first of which is the importance of location, area and capabilities, and secondly, it is completely controlled by the elite that administers governance in Tripoli, and his ability to adapt them to implement his orders and achieve his goals, and thirdly because he believes that control of Libya is his key to extend his influence in North Africa, and his tool to enter into bargaining with major countries, especially European ones with historical and strategic relations with the region, whoever places his hand on Libya, but places his hand on the difficult number in the "Sahel and Sahara" system that the Turkish regime has a link with the terrorist groups The rebellion and the spread of the insurgencies therein, whether by his own means, or through his Qatari ally, who has the upper hand in supporting these groups with funding and armament.

According to al-Aswad, it is clear that Erodgan plays short, as his intentions are open to all, and he is of course politicians who are unable to hide their projects, and his ambitions are visible to all, most notably energy and reconstruction projects in Libya and threatening the national security of Egypt, after he failed to fulfill his promises. With the Brotherhood returning to its rule, restricting France in its ancient colonies in North Africa and the Great Desert, and the Mediterranean gas, blocking the road in front of Russia and China, and dragging the United States into negotiations with the aim of devoting it as an agent to its projects in the region, and above all the empowerment of the forces of political Islam, headed by the Brotherhood Heading a spiritual leader bent empire.

Neither the Libyan people nor their national army would allow the Turks to implement their scheme

He stressed that these ambitions as far as they are exposed, they are the ones that confront Erdogan's project and its failure sooner or later, neither the Libyan people nor their national army, nor the regional states, nor the European capitals, nor the major powers, will allow the Turks to implement their plan, and even if Erdogan begins his outrageous invasion of Libya, then There are many parties that monitor his movements and know when to stop him alone, but return him defeated to his country, especially when we look at Libya's vast area and its extended borders, and the inability of any power to control it unless it is supported by the will of the Libyans, and Erdogan realizes well that the Libyan will is not with him Neither with his allies But with the national army.

At the end of his article, the Tunisian writer Habib al-Aswad said: "The coming days will be decisive, and as Erdogan indicated about the canines of Al-Ghazi, he will soon be surprised that the Libyan desert is able to swallow his plans and repel his greed."...



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