Tunisian President cut the road to Ennahda maneuvers

Tunisian President Qais Saeed announced his refusal to hold any consultations to form a new government as long as the current Prime Minister, Elias al-Fakhfakh, did not submit his resignation or was not charged with an indictment, and in doing so he blocked the Ennahda maneuvers by putting pressure on the traps and parties supporting his survival at the head of the government.

Saeed said that "talking about conducting consultations between the head of state and a number of party leaders about forming a new government is a slander."

He added that "there will be no consultations with anyone as long as the prime minister has full powers."

He continued: "If the (Prime Minister) resigns or an indictment has been brought against him, at that time the President of the Republic can hold consultations."

It is noticeable that Qais Saeed's statements came after a meeting with the Prime Minister, which was attended by Nour al-Dine Taboubi, Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (the largest labor organization in the country), in a move that Tunisian officials said proves the President's adherence to the Prime Minister, as long as the conflict of interests file did not come out on political contention, it was not decided by the judiciary and the departments concerned with confronting corruption.



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