Tunisian President Béji Kaid al-Sibsi passed away

The Tunisian presidency announced the death of President Béji Kaid Sibsi on Thursday at the age of 93.

Tunisian President Béji Kaid al-Sibsi was transferred to the military hospital late on Wednesday night after an emergency medical emergency caused by the food poisoning he suffered during the past period.

His son Hafez Kaid al-Sibsi told AFP that the 93-year-old Tunisian president "is in intensive care in the military hospital (in the capital) and things are not going well."

Al-Sibsi has been a prominent figure in Tunisia since the overthrow of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011. He is the fourth president in the history of the Republic in Tunisia and the current one since 31 December 2014 and is the second largest head of state in the world after Queen Elizabeth.

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