​​​​​​​Tunisian MP: Hope of bringing down Ghannouchi has become great

The deputy of the Tunisian People's Movement, Badr al-Din al-Qamoudi, announced that the hope of bringing down Rashid al-Ghannouchi from the presidency of the parliament has become great, after the necessary votes were gathered to withdraw confidence from him next Thursday, despite the pressure exerted by the EL-Nahda Movement to save him.

Al-Qamoudi said on Tuesday that the El-Nahda Movement exerts great pressure and temptations with funds on a number of deputies to urge them to amend their positions and not vote on withdrawing confidence from Ghannouchi.

He also indicated that he had proof that they had submitted a proposal to one of the deputies worth 200 million dinars ($ 70,000).

Tunisians are awaiting the vote-withdrawal session from Ghannouchi, which will take place two days later, based on a list submitted by several parliamentary blocs, after repeated violations and failures in the management of the country's first legislative institution, and its transformation into a source of tension and differences within it, along with his suspicious movements and his attempt to play an external role to implement The Brotherhood’s agenda at home by leaping over the powers of the President of the Republic, in addition to the presence of an overlap between his party activity and its parliamentary responsibilities.

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