Tunisian journalist: Brotherhood has left them Libya, which will be Turkey's outlet to Algeria, Egypt

Tunisian journalist PH.D. Abdul Salam Choukaer confirmed that Erdogan is dealing with his allies in Tunisia to support their organization in Libya, and he saw that there was a plan that the Brotherhood movement took as a way to destroy the peoples of the region, but it failed and left Libya, which will be an outlet for the entry of the Turks to Algeria and perhaps Egypt.

Trade union organizations and political figures in Tunisia continue to express their anger at the visit of the head of the Ennahda movement to Ghannouchi to Turkey, his meeting with Erdogan and the Turkish movements in Tunisia and the countries of the region, and in this context he spoke to the Tunisian media Hawar news agency (ANHA), PH.D. Abdel Salam Choukaer.

Erdogan deals with his allies in Tunisia to support their organization in Libya

Abdul Salam started his speech by saying: "Erdogan is dealing with his allies in Tunisia, who unfortunately control the political scene. I am talking about the Muslim Brotherhood, to support their organization represented by al-Sarraj and his government in Libya, which is the last card before the disappearance of the Arab Spring plan made by America, and recognized It was written by Hillary Clinton and written in her book.

He added: "This plot took political Islam and the Brotherhood current as a way to destroy the peoples of the region with a view to a new division of the Middle East.

This scheme failed in Syria with the steadfastness of its people, as Egypt did after the Egyptian people's uprising to displace the Muslim Brotherhood and expelled them from the country, and what remains now is Libya, which will be an outlet for the entry of the Turks to Algeria and perhaps to confuse the Egyptian army later.

 On the Turkish move in Tunisia, he said: "Tunisia, for Turkey, will be a transit station to facilitate the entry of equipment, weapons and soldiers to sister Libya, that is the thrust of Erdogan's recent visit to the Tunisian president, accompanied by his defense minister and the head of Turkish intelligence, but after the Tunisian people and the earthquake refused The email that accompanied this visit, the presidency of the Republic of Tunisia repudiated to deny the content of the suspicious visit to Erdogan.

Brotherhood meetings to prepare a plot in Libya and the region in general

"After that, the Tunisian Brotherhood’s guide was hosting Erdogan in Turkey and with him Fayaz al-Sarraj, and I don’t think they were in an acquaintance meeting, or bringing the views closer, perhaps we are reaching a Libyan Libyan solution ... and my argument in this is that the host is the head of the Justice Party and Development in Turkey (Brotherhood Party, and it is recognized by that). The two parties invited to this meeting are Fayaz al-Sarraj, who represents the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, and Sheikh Rashid al-Ghannushi, who heads of Ennahda Brotherhood in Tunisia.

And he added: "So it is a meeting with my brothers with distinction, in which the three most dangerous leaders in the organization met to prepare a plot in Libya and in the region as a whole, but they forgot that the Tunisians and the Libyans are brothers, with one blood, and we will never accept harm from sister Libya. Whatever cost us. "



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