Tunisia is holding its breath before day of elections

Today, Tunisia entered a period of electoral silence a day before the start of the presidential election.

Today, Tunisia entered the day of electoral silence a day before the start of the presidential elections, scheduled for Sunday, and hours before the start of the silence, two presidential candidates decided, on Friday evening, to withdraw from the presidential race in Tunisia, in order not to distract the votes and strengthen the chances of the candidate The independent Abdul Karim Zubaidi

During the period of "electoral silence," all parties and lists are prohibited from engaging in any activity in the context of their electoral campaign, and candidates are strictly prohibited from carrying out any process that falls within the promotion, propaganda, and winning the favor of the voters.

The two pullout candidates, the head of the Tunis Project, Mohsen Marzouk, and the head of the movement Amal Tunisia, who is on trial from the judiciary on charges of financial corruption, Salim Riahi, who is in exile, called for voting for independent candidate Abdelkarim Zubeidi for the "National Interest."

Zubeidi is the last defense minister in the Tunisian government, before resigning after running for president.  It has clear support from the liberal parties of Afaq Tunisia and the liberal Nidaa Tunisia movement, a number of independent politicians and unspoken support from Tunisia General Union, the largest trade union organization in the country.

These "tactical" withdrawals from the presidential race to the Carthage Palace will reduce the dispersion of the votes of the modernist middle-class family, as well as enhance the chances of candidate Abdelkarim Zubaidi to pass to the second round, compared to his direct rival, "Long live Tunisia" and Prime Minister Youssef al-Shahed.

More than 7 million Tunisian voters will go to the polling stations on Sunday to choose a new president from among 24 candidates after two candidates withdraw from the race to Carthage, whose identity is difficult to predict, with more than one candidate lucking closer. They are Ennahdha Party candidate Abdel Fattah Moro, incarcerated candidate Nabil Karoui, and outgoing defense minister Abdel Karim Zubeidi, along with Prime Minister Youssef al- Shahed.



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