Trump pledges of providing "accurate" report on origin of Coronavirus

 US President Donald Trump has confirmed that his administration will provide an "accurate" report on the origin of the new Coronavirus, amid heightened U.S. accusations that China is responsible for the global pandemic.

"We will provide a very accurate report on this subject in the due course," Trump said in a press release on Tuesday at the White House.

Press reports have indicated that China is facing a growing wave of hostility over US accusations that it is responsible for the global spread of the Coronavirus.

Trump stressed that China should have informed the United States of the outbreak immediately after it began, noting that he had not yet discussed the issue with the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The president's administration has been sharply criticized by China, accusing it of misleading the international community about the onset of the virus outbreak although the World Health Organization has repeatedly stressed the transparency of the Chinese authorities' handling of the issue.

Last Thursday, Trump announced that he had seen evidence that the new Coronavirus originated from the Laboratory of the Viruses Institute in Wuhan, considering that the spread of the pandemic is due to China's failure to stop it or its will to do so, but U.S. intelligence and the World Health Organization confirmed that this strain has a natural origin.



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