Truce in Idlib province announced, demonstrations in Bab al-Hawa crossing

Russia announced a unilateral truce in the so-called "De-escalation" zone, while Turkish gendarmes targeted angry demonstrators in Idlib with live bullets and tear gas.

On Saturday morning, Arab newspapers focused on the situation in Syria, especially in Idlib and other topics.

Al-Arab: Russian truce to evacuate the buffer zone in Idlib from the jihadists

Regarding the Syrian issue, Al-Arab newspaper touched on the situation of Idlib "The outlines of Russian-Turkish understandings, which President Vladimir Putin spoke about after his meeting with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, began to unfold Tuesday in Moscow.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Friday that the Syrian army will unilaterally cease fire in Idlib province as of Saturday (today), in a move indicating the existence of a Russian-Turkish agreement to open the way for the evacuation of the buffer zone stipulated in the Sochi Agreement from the jihadi and fighting factions.

The ministry called on the leaders of the armed formations to abandon provocations and join the process of peaceful settlement in the areas under their control.

Analysts are likely to stick to the truce, unlike the previous truce announced about a month ago, given its decision to depend on Ankara, which is likely to abide by recent understandings with Russia because an alternative would mean a worsening relationship with Moscow and, more seriously, a confrontation of hordes of displaced people beginning to look over the Turkish border.

Analysts say that the Russian truce in Idlib is one of a series of steps that began to be implemented only a day after Erdogan's visit to Moscow, when a Turkish military delegation on Wednesday made an exploratory visit to the Aleppo-Lattakia (M4) road, which passes from areas in the western countryside of Idlib. With a Russian flag. "

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: reinforcements and raids in Idlib ... Moscow announces a new truce

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper quoted "defectors from the Syrian army and residents, yesterday (Friday), Syria and its ally Russia have escalated their assault on the last major opposition stronghold with air strikes and ground reinforcements involving Iranian-backed factions, as Moscow announced a ceasefire from today.

Dissidents and residents said the Syrian army and its allies were incursion the area bordering Turkey and took control of the town of al-Tamanah after earlier controlling the town of Khwain and the villages of Zarzour and al-Tamanah farms in southern Idlib.

The gains were the first since the alliance, which is fighting militants and major opposition factions backed by Turkey, seized a key opposition enclave in nearby Hama province last week.

Army and population defectors said the attack received reinforcements from Republican Guard Units and factions backed by Iran.

Al-Bayan: Turkish police fire on demonstrators near «Hawa»

"The Syrian-Turkish border in Idlib province witnessed angry demonstrations in which demonstrators demanded the cessation of the military campaign by the Syrian government forces and Russia and the opening of safe crossings for civilians," Al-Bayan newspaper reported. In Idlib, they stormed Bab al-Hawa border crossing and Atma, and arrived at the Turkish side, while the Turkish police responded with gunfire and tear gas.



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