Tribal notables invite Syrian refugees to retune to their homeland

Arab Sheikhs' notables have called from the Syrian refugees who are residing in Turkey to return to their liberated areas and stressed their rejection of Turkish tutelage on buffer zone which is scheduled to be established in north and east of Syria.

Sheikh of al-Sabkah clan Mohammed Turki al-Sawan said that" "Erdogan's threats to the areas of north and east of Syria are just ambitions to occupy our regions and are not as he promotes them through his statements that they are aimed at protecting its borders."

In a related context, Sheikh of al-Jabbat clan, Talal al-Sibat said that" Erdogan's threats stem from "phobia and fear of our democratic project in the areas of Autonomous Administration.

"These refugees, who are complaining from them (Erdogan) our compatriots and are welcome in our regions without the buffer zone that he seeks."

In the same context, Sheikh tribes Bani Saed Fahd al-Shalash, that the areas of north and east Syria are safe and stable and do not need that area who Erdogan demands to establish it.

"Through his statements and threats, Erdogan wants to repeat the Afrin scenario," he said. The colonization of the areas of north and east of Syria, "stressing" rejection of any aggression or guardianship of their areas.

Sheikh Fahd said that they are convinced to solve the Syrian crisis through what the political umbrella of the north and east of Syria (SDC) calls for through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

At the end of Haditha, Sheikh Fahad al-Shalash called on all refugees to return to their areas and not to be "dragged into the media war promoted by the countries which wants to steal our goods and used them as pressure card to achieve those aspirations."



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