Tribal forum is biggest victory for area

The notables of al-Jawala clan and Fakhiz al-Jodan clan related to Shammer tribe had participated in the forum, and stressed that the forum held in Ain Issa on May 3 was the biggest victory for the area, where all sects of the Syrian people met and unified the Arab and Kurdish ranks, and stressed the people's fraternity, leaving the sectarian mentality and standing with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)."

One of the notables of al-Jawala clan, Abdel Aziz al-Ayesh, asserted that the greatest danger on the area was Daesh mercenaries' ideology, who displaced the people of the area. He said: "Daesh mercenaries deprived our children of education and worked hard to disseminate their ideology which had great effect to destroy the children educationally and eradicate the society."

Abdel Aziz al-Ayesh explained that by virtue of the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces, they succeeded in defeating Daesh mercenaries, and stressed that they as notables had pioneer role to urge the Arab youths and clans to stand by SDF and fight Daesh.

About the forum that was held in Ain Issa district on the third of May, in which al-Ayesh was among the participants, he said "The forum united the Arab and Kurdish ranks and stressed the peoples' fraternity abandoning the sectarian mentality and discrimination. Moreover, there were discussions on the issue of the Turkish aggression on the region, its occupation of the Syrian territory and to stand against it, in addition to standing with SDF."

Hammad Mossaed, the notable of Fakhiz al-Jodan from Shammer clan and the representative of Rabia village in the southern countryside of Tel Hamis pointed out that Daesh mercenaries were able to seduce a group of young people with this extremist ideology, but the least number of the involved among these groups was Shammer youths because Shammer clan had an old experience with the same thought since more than 100 years in Najd."

And added, "The religion of Islam is not a religion of extremism, but the religion of tolerance and love for humanity in general and this thought is a blow to Islam. This game is an international intelligence game and has foreign agendas that support it."

Hammad pointed out that SDF are the only forces that eliminated Daesh militarily in a correct way, and said: "They are the most honest forces with the people," and thanked the sacrifices made by all sects of the people of the Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs.



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