To prevent gatherings, Crisis Cell decides to deliver gas cylinders and bread to homes

The Crisis Cell in al-Jazeera region announced that gas cylinders will be distributed to the residents through communes, and the distribution of bread will be through accredited people to prevent gatherings in front of the commune centers, bakeries and bread stores.

The decision of the Crisis Cell in Al-Jazeera region came after an inspection tour, in Qamishlo, where gatherings were observed in front of the commune centers to receive the home gas cylinders.

To prevent gatherings from occurring amid the declared curfew within northern and eastern Syria to stave off the emergence of the Corona virus, the Crisis Cell in al-Jazeera region decided that the cylinders would be delivered to homes through the commune and prevented its distribution in front of the commune centers.

The cell also decided to distribute bread to the families through the accredited people by the people's municipalities over the homes.

The co-chair of the Executive Council in al-Jazeera region, Talaat Younis, explained that the Autonomous Administration will cover all distribution costs in al-Jazeera region.

He appealed to the families to abide by the decisions of the Crisis Cell, which includes not leaving the homes and maintaining personal and public hygiene.

The Crisis Cell has taken the decision to distribute gas cylinders from the commune centers after the decision to ban roaming within the regions of northern and eastern Syria in March 23.



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