To get out of crisis, Syrians should follow democratic nation project

The components of the north and east of Syria confirm that the implemented project of the democratic nation is unique. It is the best way to solve the worsened Syrian crisis by the interventions of the guarantor states. the Syrians should follow this project.

The Syrian crisis has entered its tenth year with unclear signs of the solution due to the international and regional intervention in the Syrian affairs and the intransigence of the government in creating any ground to get Syria out of this crisis. At a time the Syrians look forward to any political.

The components have united and adopted the democratic project in the areas of the north and east of Syria. Many consider it a unique model in the Middle East.

 These components called on applying this project in Syria as it would end the crisis, bring Syria to safety and end the Turkish occupation for extensive parts of the Syrian territory.

 Laila Mohammed, administrator in the Kongra Star, Tirbespiyê district explained that the model of the democratic nation proved successful on the ground. Women were able to play their main role in society, she said: "This experience is able to solve the Syrian crisis and end the artificial discord. The model of the democratic nation has been applied " Every component in northeastern Syria has been able to get his rights in accordance with his/her culture and language."

The components achieved unity under the roof of the democratic nation

Fares Shamo, one of the Yazidis dignities noted that the unity of components in the regions of northeastern Syria under the roof of the democratic nation created a model for the true brotherhood among the components of the region. He explained that the project of the Autonomous Administration is the best to solve the crisis Syrian.

The co-chair of the people's municipality in Tirbespiyê district from the Arab component, Suad Al Hussein pointed out that the guarantor countries compete according to their interests at the expense of the Syrian people unlike the de facto in the northeastern Syria, where people adopted the principles of the democratic nation in managing themselves. They were able to make gains on land and protect the area.

Habib Artesh, a member of the Syriac Union Party, stressed that the guarantor countries (Turkey- Russia- Iran) for the Syrian crisis are the reason behind prolonging it. He said that the project of the democratic nation despite the circumstances and some shortcomings is unique in the region. It is the only best solution to the Syrian crisis. Syrians should follow it.



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