Tirbe Spiyê people take shift at hunger strike tent

The people of al-Jazeera region continue their strike in the tents set in July 19th Park in the city of Qamishlo, for the seventh day in a row.

The hunger strike was organized by the Martyrs' Families Council in al-Jazeera and Kongra Star on 17 May, in support of Laila Guven and all the hunger strikers in Turkish prisons and in Europe, condemning the severe isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The Preparatory Committee organized the strike so that every two days the children of an area in the territory of al-Jazeera rotate within the tents, and events and cultural activities are held within the tent in addition to giving lectures. Besides, delegations from the components and institutions of al-Jazeera region and the north and east of Syria pay visits to the hunger strikers.

Today, the people of ​​Tirbe Spiyê area alternated with the people of Amuda who went on hunger strike for two consecutive days, a member of Kongra Star in the area of ​​Tirbe Spiyê Ghalia Ayoub delivered a speech, she said "the Kurdish people no longer accept the Turkish injustice and oppressive policies against leader Ocalan and the people, and pointed out that their strike continues to meet the demands of all hunger strikers, led by struggler Leyla Guven.

On behalf of the Arab component in the area of ​Tirbe Spiyê Suleiman Suleiman said: "We stand in solidarity with the comrade Leyla Guven who deserves all our respect, and we as an Arab component we support and monitor their status through the newsletters every day to follow up their health."

The 170 people from Tirbe Spiyê who joined the strike are expected to go on a two-day strike.



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