Three brothers in Ain Issa fronts of war

Three brothers in the ranks of the SDF, fighting side by side against the occupation after defeating ISIS mercenaries. The three brothers continue to defend their liberated areas against the occupation.

Each family in the northeastern regions of Syria must have a martyr or a fighter. This region watered by the blood of martyrs. All the fighters on the fronts of the resistance are fully convinced of the need to fight against the occupation until the end and the final victory. They are well aware that they will not enjoy the happiness of freedom unless the entire territory of the homeland is liberated from occupation.

Fighters describe the SDF like a large family, comprising fighters of all components, Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Armenians, Assyrians and Turkmens. Many of whom do not know each other, but the common goal is to bring them together.

We defend our territory against the occupiers.

The Turkish occupation army continues attacking the areas of northeastern Syria since 9 October 2019, with the aim of occupying the city of Ain Issa and its countryside. While the SDF fighters stationed in Ain Issa are confronting them as part of their legitimate right to defense, remind us of many stories of resistance and resilience.

 Among the stories of the resistance of Ain Issa, that of the three brothers fighters, Abdul Muhammed, Ibrahim Mohammed and Abdullah Mohammed Jassim from the Arab component in the Raqqa city. The three brothers joined the SDF in 2017 to defend the revolution of northeastern Syria and counter the attacks of ISIS mercenaries, having seen woes on their hands during the occupation of Raqqa city.

Ibrahim Mohammed Jassim, stationed with his two brothers in the trenches of fighting on the front lines in Ain Issa area, in order to defend the territory, Ibrahim says "We will defeat every occupier who seeks to occupy our land," Ibrahim said.

He spent 50 days in ISIS mercenary prisons

 Ibrahim Jassim was arrested by ISIS mercenaries before its liberation, and spent 50 days in their prisons. During that time, he was a witness on the most heinous crimes against the people, which amounted to beheading and torture. He is struggling to not return now "For the freedom of our people, we fought ISIS.  we continue to fight and resist to defend our people and our land," he said.

"We did not stand idly; we joined the SDF alongside my brothers. Our other brother is now in Deir ez-Zor. We are fighting side by side. We are happy and determined to join forces and have a strong will," said Abdullah Mohammed Jassim, brother.

"This is our land; there is no place for the occupiers," abdul Jassim Mohammed said.

 The three brothers called on all young people from northeastern Syria to join the SDF and defend their land.



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